What We Do

Grief Support Cymru | Gofal Galar Cymru CIC is a non-profit organisation working to support those who are either facing a bereavement or have experienced a bereavement and need support. 

We aim to support the client through their bereavement in a client-led manner.

Listening Services

At Grief Support Cymru | Gofal Galar Cymru CIC , we will work to support our client’s journey of grief in an individual and client focused approach.

Everybody at some stage of their life will encounter a bereavement and period of grief whether it be through a personal loss or through an associated loss. 

Every journey is unique and individual.

Nobody feels the same way in grief.

Nobody encounters grief the same way.

Four Stages of Support

At Grief Support Cymru we offer 4 clear stages of support to our clients.

Pre-loss Support

We will work with our clients to create a safe awareness and human plan in preparation for the time that the death occurs.


Hands On Support

When a bereavement happens in a family we will provide hand’s on support to tackle all the official jobs that need to be undertaken.


Listening Support

When we lose someone, sometimes all we want is to talk openly and honestly without fear of judgement.  


Moving Forward

Very often on our journey of grief we need ‘touching-base’ support.  We offer clients a chance to top-up their support should they take a knock back.


Accessing Our Services

If you feel like you want to access any stage of our service, simply contact us via our ‘contact form’ below.  Alternatively you can complete the Client referral form found in the footer
and email back to us at

From here one of our team will be in touch with you to talk about the support you require.

Simply leave your name, address and telephone number and we’ll do the rest.

The service is free to access, however voluntary contributions are welcome.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact Grief Support Cymru using the form below. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01443 422589.

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